My classes are a bit different - Why?

As a qualified counsellor and fitness instructor, I offer a series of unique classes with an understanding of how our stress directly affects our mind and body. “Emotion needs motion” so these classes are the ideal space to strengthen and stretch your mind and body.

Please take a look at the range of classes I offer below

A gentle warm up of all the major muscle groups, series of slow yoga based stretches and balance, ending with meditation lying down to peaceful music. A perfect way to start the week

This class will energise & wake you up. We’ll get those tired and achy muscles warmed up, practice some mindfulness breathing and affirmations and leave you ready to bounce into the day!

Performed seated, on all fours or lying down. A slower and more relaxing vibe. Get those candles, blanket and pillow and get ready for a good nights sleep.

An upbeat vibe with a few dance moves thrown in for the warmup! followed by yoga based stretches ending with meditation lying down to chilled out music.