Jo Temple

Counsellor & Wellness Coach

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About me

I’m a quirky, very real, down to earth person who enjoys a good laugh. I love to encourage and motivate people whether in my counselling room or teaching my Mindful Movement classes.


I aim to be sensitive, vulnerable and compassionate in all my relationships (not always easy!)


Having experienced anxiety and depression for most of my life, I’ve always been on a quest for healing and understanding. This led me to counselling training and I qualified in 2012. I have the privilege of doing a job that I love and being able to assist others in their journeys.


My love of exercise classes inspired me to train as a fitness instructor and over the years I blended together the things I loved and made my own unique style of class which I call Mindful Movement. These classes combine yoga, pilates and mindfulness meditation. If that seems a bit low key for you there’s always “Funky Friday” to consider! 


When I’m teaching, my dog Ted is usually not too far away and often makes an appearance during the classes sometimes sneezing during the meditation!!


I’m a bit of a book addict and have got quite a few on the go. Recent favourites are Untamed by Glennon Doyle and Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.


I love the outdoors and nature and have lots of lovely walks nearby which have been a godsend in lockdown!



Mindful Mondays

A gentle warm up of all the major muscle groups, series of slow yoga based stretches and balance, ending with meditation lying down to peaceful music.

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Funky Fridays

An upbeat vibe with a few dance moves thrown in for the warmup! followed by yoga based stretches ending with meditation lying down to chilled out music.

Get up and go with Jo

This class will energise & wake you up. We'll get those tired and achy muscles warmed up, practice some mindfulness breathing and affirmations and leave you ready to bounce into the day!

Chill and be Still

Performed seated, on all fours or lying down. A slower and more relaxing vibe. Get those candles, blanket and pillow and get ready for a good nights sleep.


I offer counselling sessions face to face, via Zoom or on the telephone. I can offer sessions daytimes or evenings.



Jo is welcoming, positive and always makes you smile...she runs a class on Thursday evenings, which is perfect because I could still work and attend these classes. It’s so nice after being at work to stop, unwind and take some time for you. They also meant that my mum and older sister could join too.

What I love about Jo’s classes is the atmosphere she creates. Everyone there is so friendly and supportive of one another. It feels like a family.

I love how Jo will demonstrate a stretch and show different levels of difficulty. She always considers how some people have problems with their backs/knees/wrists etc. I’ve had problems with my knees and injured my ankle in 2019. Jo noticed during one class that my shoulder was hurting and she messaged me to check on me and offer some help. We later spoke one to one about different exercise I could try to strengthen.

If you struggle with anxiety, low mood, work stress, health conditions, mental health, or if you are looking for a fun and relaxing class, you need to join Jo’s mindful movement classes! They have truly helped me so much, especially during these current times which are and have been challenging for everyone.


I started Jo's class due to wanting to find peace due to high anxiety and having struggled with insomnia for many years which was getting worse due to lockdown. I have tried yoga and stretching classes before and stopped as I found the teachers had no enthusiasm and only cared about filling the classes. Jo brings light into dark days with her genuine realness and delivers a really excellent class. She has created now what is a sacred space for me with her mindful movement class.


She genuinely cares about every single person who attends and it feels like a real place of connection. I feel lifted and genuinely destressed and less anxious after her classes which always end up with a beautiful meditation. This has really helped my insomnia and my fitness and to be able to do this online is a godsend. 

A not to be missed class which has made a difference to my life since lockdown. From all my heart thankyou Jo your classes are amazing and you are amazing.



Certification & Experience

  • Diploma in Integrative Counselling

  • Accredited member of National Counselling Society

  • Qualified teacher of Mindful Movement

  • BPS approved Certificate in Clinical Supervision

I have extensive experience working with adults at 'Mind' and as a schools counsellor and a bereavement counsellor with a local hospice.


As well as talking therapy, I use creative therapy which helps to explore the unconscious where 'there are no words' and many have received lightbulb moments using this wonderful way of working. I use sand play, work with miniatures, relationship cards and artwork.

I specialise in helping people who have experienced trauma with an emphasis on working with the body where our emotions are stored. Mindfulness meditation and exploring spirituality are an important aspect to my work."